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At Friendly Pawn Shop our main priority  it’s to help out customers with anything that they need. We always try to understand and give our best to help our customers needs. This year we increment a thank you gesture  to thank our customers with their loyalty by giving them a birthday present on their birthdays.  We meet the needs of both shoppers and sellers. The merchandise we carry offers shoppers endless opportunities to find tasteful, functional, and affordable items. Come experience what a positive buying and selling experience feels like. 


Buy, Sell or giving loans!!

Our store has been open for more than twenty years, which time this place has acquired experience and customers from different parts of the country, so we are glad to have you reading this piece of story.A business based on buying, selling and offering loans for anyone who needs. Over our desk you can also ask for a quote of your belongings, testing gold or silver as well, anything for the service of you.

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