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Friendly Pawn Shop is the right place to trust your deals, a store with years of experience that make it a Friendly store for a fast, efficient and confidential sale just to protect our customers.
At the service of Danbury and anyone else who places their trust inside our doors, where you can trade more than items, here we are always try to make you feel as you deserve.


About Us

Buy, Sell or giving loans!!

Our store has been open for more than twenty years, which time this place has acquired experience and customers from different parts of the country, so we are glad to have you reading this piece of story.
A business based on buying, selling and offering loans for anyone who needs. Over our desk you can also ask for a quote of your belongings, testing gold or silver as well, anything for the service of you.

Second Hand Clothing


From $10

FRIENDLY PAWN SHOP offers an appealing selection of second-hand, brand-name Clothing. Whether you’re into following the latest trends or want to start your own, we’ve got what you’re looking for — and at great prices. Check out our hand-selected merchandise today and get more for your money.